What I do

Hey. Nice that you’re here. I am currently studying computer science at the KIT in Karlsruhe. In my free time, I either develop stuff, administrate my server or go windsurfing at a nearby lake. You can find my source code on GitHub or on my git server.

Reach me

You might see the “Contact me” button at the top. Just click on it.

Thanking me (for whatever)

If I did something you wanna thank me for, just tell me. If you want to show that you’re thankful even more, contribute to one of my projects. And if it is that important to you, that you want to make your wallet lighter, send me some BTC, you can find the address here. Also, since someone asked for that: I try to avoid paypal, so there is no donation link for that.

Where did my blog go?

My blog might return some day, but for the sake of IPFS compatibility (and that I didn’t really use it anyway) I’ve discarded that for now. It didn’t even have comments, feeds, nice category browsing or anything like that anyway.

Where can I find this site?

You must know, you’re already here!
Jokes aside, there are multiple ways to access my site. I have it on IPFS: /ipns/jcg.re and more conventional on my short domain and my long domain, as well as a redirect from Github Pages.