Cyclists and parking cars

2 minute read Published: 2020-04-29

So, I guess we can all agree that bikes > cars when the thing you're trying to achieve is reasonable to do with a bike. One of the things where bikes just don't do it, is transporting large things over long distances, getting a new storage rack is an example of that. Today, I got a new storage rack, and the designated loading area in front of my apartment was occupied by the same car as this morning, so clearly someone parking illegally. I put the car on the side of the road, partly on the pavement, partly on the road. I went up the stairs a few times to get the stuff into my apartment, and when I came back the last time, there was this little piece of paper under my windscreen wiper. It said that it looks like I'm parking illegally, and that photos of it have been sent to the penalty office. I don't get what motivates someone to fill out such a piece of paper, taking photos and taking the time to report me to the police, that at the same time isn't enough to just let them wait for another fucking minute until I'm back. Here in Germany, people differentiate between "waiting" and "parking". You can do the former even in places where parking is not allowed, if you're not gone for more than three minutes. I was not gone for more than three minutes, so it wasn't illegal. I even took extra care that there's enough space on the road so that cars can still pass, and on the pavement that even big baby buggies should have no problems to fit through there. But hey, maybe these people aren't interested in bettering the world, maybe, just maybe, they are mostly interested in feeling superior.