Welcome back to my blog!

1 minute read Published: 2020-03-13

What's this?

After a short period of semi-active blogging back in 2016 and a long hiatus since then, I've brought back my blog! This doesn't mean that there'll be posts here regularily, but I might write stuff again every now and then.

Switching the engine

Bringing back the blog also involved finally switching away from Jekyll. I had tried multiple times to redo my website with a different static site generator, but each time I just stopped at some point. The time that involved the most effort was probably now over two years ago when I had nearly finished porting the html5up hyperspace theme to cobalt, a static site generator in rust. I never quite finished it though, so I never even started to port the content over. This time, I just went for what I already knew, zola with a slightly modded the after-dark theme.